Gel Insoles

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Gel Insoles are designed for all day wear and comfort in all types of shoes. Insert Gel Shoe Insoles into your heels for cushioned shock absorption to prevent tired legs and feet. Gel Insoles are lined with a soft microsuede outer layer. All Day Gel Insoles provide maximum comfort and are moisture wicking for all day dry foot relief and freshness. These gel shoe inserts provide stability and arch support and are designed for use in all shoes! Our Gel Insoles are trim to size and cater for women shoe sizes 6-11.  Instructions for use - Trim to Size • Trim to fit with sharp scissors as necessary. • To trim, cut along the outline that matches your shoe size, or use your shoes’ original insole as a guide. • For best results, remove existing insole and replace with All Day Gel Insoles with the microsuede fabric side up  Care Instructions • Hand Wash in warm soapy water • Rinse and dry flat away from direct heat or sunlight • Not recommended for machine washing Insole: TPE Gel  

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